Meet the Candidates

Carolina Curbelo for Mayor

CAROLINA CURBELO is an accomplished attorney and proud lifelong Allendale resident. She runs her own law practice, which handles real estate and advises businesses and individuals on the complexities of U.S. immigration laws. Carolina grew up enjoying summers at Crestwood Lake and hiking in the Celery Farm with her family. She graduated from Northern Highlands Regional High School in 1996 and was the captain of the Debate Team, and now lives on Myrtle Avenue with her husband and children. She’s a Hillside parent and attended Rutgers University.






Maureen Shaw for Council

MAUREEN SHAW is a writer and advocate for women’s rights who has been published widely in national publications including The Atlantic, Teen Vogue, Parents, and by NBC News. She is a graduate of Columbia University and James Madison University. Maureen and her husband Matt have two young children who they're raising in their first home, on East Crescent Avenue. They're proud Hillside School parents and volunteers.






Brian Murphy for Council

BRIAN MURPHY is a professor and dean at Rutgers University–Newark, where he directs the Honors College. He’s worked as a policy advisor to the state legislature and a political reporter covering state and local government throughout New Jersey. Brian, an Eagle Scout, lives on Oak Street with his wife, Sarah Breckenridge, their two children, and their dog, Juno. They’re Hillside parents and active parishioners at Church of the Presentation. Brian is a baseball coach and an assistant cubmaster. He attended Haverford College and has a Ph.D. in history from the University of Virginia.